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Friday, February 5, 2010

In the last day or two we have covered much ground. Heading south from Dunedin though the Cailtins coastline, then around to Invercargill then upward all the way to lake Te Anau.

We left Dunedin on a rising swell it was almost 4-5ft when we drove off. But we had a fair bit of ground to cover, and it wasn't all that great. Through the Cailtins we stopped at Nugget point with some massive cliffs leading to a lighthouse and some great looking rock formations just off the point. We then headed south to  Purakanui Falls which were very photogenic. From there we planned to stay at a bay near the southern most point of the NZ mainland called Colac bay. We were greeted by gale force freezing winds and decided that we should move on.

We stopped at another bay where you could see fossilized tree's all though the rock platform oceanside which was cool. And also some yellow eyed penguins which are supposedly endangered. The 300f/4 came in handy to get some shots however one jumped out of the ocean and waddled its way between Caitlan and I (she was freaking out) and it got a little too close for the lens. 

We settled in Invercargill, which was a bit creepy of a town and tried our luck at the Bluff on the coast but the morning was drizzily and we couldn't see a thing form the top... We drove our way to Lake Te Anau where we are staying the night now, it is a massive lake sourrounded by mountains it is pretty awesome. Hoping for a nice sunset this arvo for some photos...

Off to milford sound tomorrow so hopefully that will be just as good.

Oh... There is also a franchise in NZ called cookie time.. where there icon or symbol litlerally looks like a stoned elmo.. weird.


ST Images | 05 February, 2010

looks cold Duncs! your gettin some sic photos. looking forward to seeing Milford sound. One of the best landscape photos I've ever seen was taken there.

Duncan Macfarlane | 10 February, 2010

thanks Tom, Cheers for the comment. Milford sound was so beautiful. Ha, a Landscape photographers heaven...

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