New Zealand - Day 2 and 3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Editors note -  I have Re Re Re updated this with more wonderful photos from out trip. I have had to drastically reduce the quality of the photos so they could be uploaded to the internet here. So please take that into account when viewing. Thank you and enjoy...

And another beautiful day in New Zealand... It has so far started of horribly overcast everyday then cleared up to be the nicest day after about 11AM, hope this continues, touch wood.

We hung around Dunedin for another day, doing some touristy things checking out the Otago Peninsula which was absolutely stunning. Saw some seals, Cliffs, pumping surf, and, well, more sheep. 

I think this time I will leave most of this post to the photos, It has taken me half an hour to upload 2 photo's so you can tell progress is slow... 


Jack Dekort | 04 February, 2010

that line look stunning duncs not a soul around

ST Images | 04 February, 2010

how good do those waves look.... great pics mate!

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