New Zealand

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well we made it here in one piece fortunately, I can't say the same for the girlfriends board though. Somewhere between Coffs and Christchurch it appears the board was speared into the ground leaving a very nasty crease though the nose of the board about a foot down. Of course, I got blamed.

After that we headed to pick up the van and off to caravan park for the night in christchurch....

We have since then travelled down the east coast though an eternity of fields that all look the same, and all have MASSIVE hedges that are perfectly trimmed, in the middle of nowhere. We got down to Oamaru by the afternoon which was a town that hasn't changed much from the 1800's, and went to a lovely lookout which was nice, except there was a bus of japanese tourists swarming like bee's.

Oamaru - 

We were going to work our way down the coast but decided the country all looked the same here, so we would get to the good bits. We are currently in Dunedin for a day or two, checking out the scene and going to explore more today. 

Yesterday arvo we went for a quick surf, but now we only have one board so Caitlan surfed and I took photos. 

"How cold is the water Caitlan?" -

And thats all we have time for today folks... keep checking back, I'll upload more photos every couple of days internet  permitting...


ST Images | 03 February, 2010

nice post dunc.... looks like fun

comme ci comme ca | 03 February, 2010

sickest post. some cool shots too

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