Portraits from WA

Saturday, April 3, 2010
3 portraits I have taken in the last couple of weeks while traveling though Western Australia. 
This first one is of Luke ward one of the brains behind Soggybones Magazine.

This one is of a lad I met while I was staying in Cowaramup. We went to search for waves and took separate cars. He unfortunately did not have a car that liked being dragged though soft sand and got bogged pretty quickly. It took us a long time to dig it out, and he ended up letting the tyres down too much. This portrait was taken moments after the joy and relief of finally getting the car dug out of the sand and then realizing he was driving on his rims. It took them the rest of the day to fix the car...

This Portrait was taken of Bryan Kellner on the night of the Sitting Room Gallery's exhibition. This was the guitarist providing musical entertainment for the night. He was good, real good. I think he wrote music for the Dire Straights 
He was playing the most funky blues/jazzy solo at one point with one hand while eating a pizza and with no exaggeration it sounded like a CD. I was listening to a conversation he had with someone that he was heading back to London to get more training. When quizzed on who could train him, he said that there were only 2 people in the world who could still train him... He was that good. He was a really nice guy who was in Margaret river to kite board for a few months. In the portrait he is wearing a hat which I didn't see come off his head the entire night. 


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