Sitting Room Gallery Party

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last night The Sitting Room Gallery owned by photographer Russell Ord held an exhibition/party featuring a wide range of artists including Russell Ord, Tim Jones, Caleb Davenport and many more.

There was firewood oven pizza's being cooked onsite by one of the artists, wine, beer and a hell of a lot of people. At the peak there would have been around 300 people. 

I managed to sell 2 prints in my jellyfish series which was great. For those of you who haven't seen any of those jellyfish/blue bottle project I have been working on there has been an article published in Soggy Bones this issue on it. Soggy bones is an online magazine with some of the best articles have ever read, and I'm not saying that so you'll look at my article. 

Get on there and read the magazine online HERE

While your there I also have another article in the magazine on mal rider Jack Lynch and a little trip I did with him and Lindsay Turner. Check it out, seriously.


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