Shaun Cansdell runner up in Jesus Pro Am

Sunday, August 16, 2009
The Jesus Pro Am was held in Coffs over the weekend. Some great surfers including Shaun Cansdell, Billy Kean, Dale Lockwood, Joel Fitzgerald and Brad little showed up. (to name a few)

Personally I hate taking shots of surf comps, but i couldn't resist with such fine talent on offer. Shaun Cansdell smoked his way through every heat only to some second in the final. Taking home a healthy $500 cheque. Beaten by Dale Lockwood with a smoking right doing 4 solid turns with a air reverse at the end. Can complain about that.

He should have purposefully stacked because personally, Shaun needs this win, With his second kid coming into the world last week, Little Oscar Cansdell. And a recent move of house I would have loved to see Shaun take it out. He got one good one but didn't back it up. 

As I type, Shaun rings me, a little glowy in celebration of his success, singing, "I'd love to have a beer with Duncan." Classic guy and genuine legend.

Billy Kean took out the Expression session air show with an air reverse with a weird upside downy type rotation. The picture shown is of a alley Oop that he did 30 second before the start f the heat landing in the flats with a full rotation. It didnt count.

Sorry to bore you. Comps aren't the pinnacle of surfing by any mean. But they'll have to do for now untill Kelly Slater makes something bigger


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